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Don’t Let Your Fears Keep You From Building Your Business

In networking with a lot of people, it’s amazing to learn there was a common thread in the beginning each of us shared.

It was fear.

Some people had such debilitating fear and doubt about every step of the business building process. They didn’t know if they should even bring their product or service to market. They were worried no one would want what they were selling. They worry about making enough money to pay the bills and take care of themselves or their family.

All rooted in fear.

You may have heard that fear is an acronym. For some it stands for “False evidence appearing real” for others it means “Finding excuses and reasons”.

Whether you focus on the positive or negative, fear can stop you dead in your tracks when it comes to building a business. So if you have an idea, but don’t know where to go to get your business off the ground, where can you do for help?

Most large metro areas have a SCORE mentorship. If you’ve never heard of SCORE, I’ll give you a quick overview.

SCORE is a free business mentorship association that has more than 100 mentors in North Dakota. With SCORE you can come to the networking meetings and learn more about the community, workshops, and meet the mentors in your area.

Mentors are from all branches of business from entrepreneurial careers such as website design, graphic design to more traditional corporate positions in finance and accounting. SCORE is for anyone who is looking to improve their business operations and learn to grow from those who have done it.

As a SCORE mentor, I have spoken with many amazing people who had a goal of starting their own business but just need the reassurance and network to ask questions. This is the exact place to do it and while your are building your company, the FREE mentorship can’t be beat.

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