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Common Brand Mistakes Made By Business Owners

Yes, you can negatively affect your reputation by not respecting your brand.

Clients recognize businesses using many things. Including your logo, your name, your tag line, your colors. However, your brand is more than your logo. It's more than the colors you use in your advertising. Your brand includes how your employee's act and your reputation.

You don't want to have a horrible company name.

Business names, good and bad are the main way people communicate your business to others. Think about the last time you told someone about a new store or service, you used the name of the company to share information. Now imagine if your company name was "Boring Business Systems". What kind of message are you sharing about your company? Give your business name a lot of thought. Including putting it through a couple of tests to make sure it’s a good representation for you. Ask if your business name is "unfortunate" or has a double meaning. If so work on it until you have something you can be proud of and portrays the right message.

Poorly designed logos

Logos are best designed by professional graphic designers. This is one area in which you don't want to use your DIY skills. However, even with an amateur or DIY logo you don't want to portray the wrong meaning. This logo is not creating a vote of confidence in their services. They seem to be telling clients to get lost. Beautiful and creative logos are possible without being vulgar or inappropriate.

How you represent your company can affect your brand.

One bad day can lead to a loss of revenue. If your employees are rude or disrespectful, this can lead to poor reviews and a loss of business. Company culture is important. Having everyone on the same page, sharing the same message about your company is equally important. Share these key points with your employees so they'll be business advocates and not enemies.

Some businesses can be complex.

As a result, it can be difficult to explain your brand vision. Use the simplest words and be clear and concise in your explanation. Choosing to be cute and creative can lead your clients to ask "What is it that you do?" Leading them to go elsewhere to find the answers they seek.

When clients do decide to do business with you, deliver on your promises.

Nothing is more brand defeating than making promises to your client and not following through. The client will lose faith in you. Your employees will lose faith in you. Over time, you may lose faith in yourself. This effectively kills your business. Honor your promises and business commitments and over-deliver when you have the ability to do so. This will create a band of champion clients who will advocate for you.

Your brand is an all encompassing entity. Treat each piece with the proper respect and you’ll have a brand that works for you not against you.

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