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How To Attract New Clients

How to attract more clients…it’s about them not you.

This may seem counterintuitive, but if you’ve had any success working with clients on a regular basis you’ll know it’s spot on. When you are actively searching for clients through outbound marketing such as pay per click ads, email offers, brochures, flyers, coupons or social media or any other medium, your message should not be about you.

Your branding and overall message of your company attract a certain type of client. If you are utilizing your branding correctly, you’ll be bringing in exactly who you should be working with.

If not, you’re going to be educating your clients about the benefits of doing business with you. Attracting the right clients serves them and grows your business. Attracting the wrong clients have you wasting precious time you could be spending with those who want to work with you.

So how do you attract more of the right clients?

Utilize these 6 steps and to have more clients coming to you.

1. Who do you want to work with? Getting crystal clear about whom your ideal clients are is extremely important. When you know all you can know, about your client: their needs, wants, hopes and dreams, you’ll be presenting your services in a way that solves all their problems.

2. Does your brand reflect the personality of your company? If not, you may need a brand refresh. By having your brand reflect your personality, the people you are meant to work with will come to you. Having a cohesive look and message across your marketing shows potential clients exactly who you are, what you do, and the benefits you provide.

3. Reward your existing clients-I’m not talking about a bribe. Consider incentivizing your current clients to buy more services from you. Can you offer an upgraded package to what they already buy? Can you find an outside partner, that compliments what you’re doing but you can offer through your company as an added service?

4. Review the media you are utilizing-Say you have a spa and your primary clients hang out on Facebook and Pinterest. Should you consider marketing on LinkedIn? If your target does not engage on a specific marketing channel, you shouldn’t be wasting time and money there either. Review what you are currently doing and take the information from getting clear about your target audience and where they spend their time. You should be running ads, posting and engaging with your clients on the platforms they utilize.

5. Where is the starving crowd?-This is opposite of spending time engaging where your target is spending time. Take a look at where your competition is running ads. If they are specifically spending money on Facebook or Google ads, send a nice direct mail offer. If they are mailing out offers, spend some time creating targeted emails with special offers for your clients.

6. Follow-up with everyone-This applies to current clients and potential clients with whom you’ve started a conversation. Create a system to stay in contact and educate them further about your services. Education and showing them the benefits of working with you is what is going to allow them to make the decision to choose you over a competitor. You can utilize a mix of email, video, direct mail, and social media to create a marketing funnel. This funnel will bring them from initial contact, to further education, to offer a service.

By working with a boutique marketing company like Studio North, I take a look at what you are currently doing, what’s working, what could be working better and your overall goals for your business. I then help you build your brand to based on your personality and the clients you want to attract.

To chat about attracting new clients today, fill out my contact form at or give me a call at 701-595-7300.

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