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Does your message paint you as the life of the party?

Now I know you may be thinking…how can a marketing message be fun, exciting and still talk about my business.

There isn’t a short answer that would suffice. So let’s go into the long answer.

When you’ve done all the work you have on creating your brand, you would have also discovered there is a certain way you talk about your company.

There is a specific story you often tell to explain what you do, how you do it, why you do it.

These elements are unique to you and your company.

No one else is going to have the exact same background. They won’t have the same reason for building a business.

They are not you.

When it comes to building your brand and a cohesive message around your brand, your marketing message should always be the life of the party.

What I mean is you should use it everywhere. It should be chopped up and used in social media posts, quotes, and in print materials. You can elaborate on it and use it for blogs, case studies and longer website or print content. This will keep your message uniform on any platform you choose to share information and education about your company.

To create your marketing message you want to take the time to dig deep and think about what you are currently saying.

Is it true of your business? It is a reflection of what you’d like your business to be? In everything, be authentic.

Using authenticity in your marketing message is essential to connect on an emotional level with your target audience. When your clients see the real you, they stand behind you. They become your champions and they share your marketing message with the world…provided what you are sharing is consistent, clear and concise.

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