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3 Key Reasons Every Small Business Needs a Website

Running a small business in 2018 can be frustrating.

What's even more frustrating is searching for a business online and they're not there. Not anywhere! You can’t find a Google listing, an address or any information.

When this happens what you are you most likely to do?

Move on to the competitor.

This can be the kiss of death for a small business.

You can find a lot of lists out there about why your business needs a website. Let’s cover a few of the top reasons.

#1 As I’ve said above—Your competitors have a website.

People start their search for everything these days online. If they're looking for a specific product or service they will look online before ever heading out to the store. Even if the store is right across the street. If your customers can’t find you but they find your competition, guess whose products they’ll be researching and making a final decision on. It won’t be yours.

#2 Instant Credibility!

If you’re a new business and haven’t had many sales but you’ve kept your customers happy…showcase your testimonials on your website! This is social proof for anyone else searching for your products or services. When a potential customer sees you’ve done a good job keeping customers happy, they want to be a part of that and will come to you.

As a new business, you also build legitimacy. If your products or services are not well known or hard to explain, you can use your website to educate your potential customers.

Which brings me to the final point I want to talk about

#3 A 24-hour salesman

Your website is always on, always open and always selling on your behalf. Or at the very least is what it should be doing for you. Take the time to craft the right message that connects with your target audience and persuades them to choose to do business with you. You are no longer held down by store hours or state lines. You can sell constantly and to anyone, anywhere! If that doesn’t excite you to start your website, I don’t know what will!

To discuss the best way to get started on your website call me at 701-595-7300 or fill out my contact form.

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