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Color and Design In Your Brand

Color and look and doesn’t need to be a costume.

We’ve talked about how important color is in your brand design. Color is

more important than choosing the main color palette.

Combining the right colors with the right design can make all the elements from your brand, from the smallest detail to the largest, set the mood, evoke an emotion, and amplify the appeal of your brand. Color and design together not just the costume for your brand message. It shouldn’t just be the background, the overlay, or makeup to emphasize your message. Instead of make-believe, make them believe in you. In your brand and your company. With color, this is all possible. Let’s look at a few examples according to color theory. Adjacent colors, if you look at the left on the wheel, they would be yellow, green and blue. These color combinations together would be considered harmonious and easy to look at when combined. With harmony and ease in mind, marketing that is meant to be easy going and comfortable would benefit from using adjacent colors. Complimentary colors are directly opposite each other on the color wheel. On our example wheel design, orange and royal blue are across from each other. Marketing designs using complementary colors grab attention and are good for a background, icons, or main screens of your app. Split colors are a mix of adjacent and complimentary. When choosing a color on the wheel, instead of choosing the complimentary, you’ll pick the adjacent colors on either side of it. Look at pink on the wheel. Instead of choosing to use orange, its complimentary color, you use pick with red and yellow. At first it seems like a strange combination but this is meant to grab attention and be nice to look at at the same time. A triadic pattern lends well to a well-balanced feel. Unfortunately, this was extremely popular in the 1990s and as a result makes the well-balanced feel dated. Yet, they are still effective if you have marketing you want to give a feel-good feeling to.

Monochromatic or many shades of the same color, is very popular today. They look nice on the computer and smartphone. These hexagons are a beautiful way to emphasis and modernize the look of digital design in monochrome pink.

Design and color go together to keep your brand from being dull and boring or worse…looking like something it’s not. Be true to your brand and color scheme in any of your marketing pieces by utilizing color theory for the right emotion to your look.

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