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Bringing out the real “you” in your company!

There is a technique you can use when you’re branding your company to match your personality, your business goals, and your brand. The one I like to use and it works well with my clients, is using brand archetypes.

Branding by use of archetypes is finding the traits that best fit you and your business and utilizing the archetype’s guidance to create your brand. The reason this works is most business personalities fall into one of 12 different archetypical categories. I’ll briefly go through a description of each to get your wheels turning about where you fit in the 12 archetypes.

Do you have dreams of bringing wild ideas and grand experiences to life? You might be a Magician. The Magician is all about vision. The bigger the vision…the better.

Do you always start a project or new experience by learning more about it? Your pursuit of knowledge may put you in the Sage archetype. If you help make with the world better though wisdom and showing others how to share their wisdom, you could be a Sage.

Do you remember simpler times that make you happy and want others to feel the same? You could be an Innocent. If every message you share imparts happiness and wanting others to be happy, the Innocent archetype is for you.

Do you always push the boundaries of what’s possible and want the world to follow? You could be an Outlaw. The Outlaw archetype makes its own rules and has no limits to what they’ll try to get you to follow them.

Do you live in the now, wringing every last drop of fun out of the moment? You might be a Jester. As a Jester, your lightheartedness makes others smile and you share your “now” with the world.

Do you love sharing elegance, passion, and intrigue? You might be the Lover. The best of everything wrapped up in a nice little package is what the Lover wants you to experience. All the best.

Do you want the outdoors to be your playground and think everyone should enjoy them, be adventurous and brave as you do? Then you might be an Explorer. As an explorer you find a challenge and meet it head on, discovering more about yourself along the way.

Do you see injustice and feel the only way to help is to take it on yourself? You might be the Hero. You muster the courage to find what’s great about you and others and push through to success as Hero’s do.

Do you feel you have something to share with everyone? If so you might be the Everyman. As an Everyman you feel being ok with every day and happiness can come from sharing with others.

Do you feel like you can empathize with everyone and you honestly care about everyone you meet? Then you are the Caregiver. Caregivers, as the name suggests, are compassionate, empathic and generous. Giving of their time and resources to make the world better.

Do you see the world as your playground of self-expression and you will do that however you feel like doing it? You…my friend, are the Creator. You tend to be non-conforming but at the same time enjoy self-expression which empowers your audience.

Do you feel like there is always a better way and you are going to forge the path for others to follow? Last on this list, but never least…You are the Ruler. Rulers can take ideas of luxury, exclusiveness, and status to a whole new level and others will follow their example.

Much more goes into figuring out the right Archetype for your brand than relating to a few descriptions. As part of my branding package, you’ll learn the right archetype for you and how you can use that in your brand to allow your business to thrive!

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