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3 Reasons You Need A Great Logo

Starting a business can be overwhelming. Who am I kidding? CAN? It is! Your daily "to do" list seems endless and your focus is on building an enterprise. Let's face it, getting a great logo designed probably wasn't at the top of your list. During this crazy (yet exciting) time, however, it's critical you make getting an effective (a.k.a. "great") logo top priority. You can't afford to skip this important step in building your business. Here are three reasons you must move "logo design" to the top of the "to do": First Impressions You only get one, right? Potential clients often see your logo (the face of your business) long before they meet you. They use this when deciding whom to trust. A poorly designed or weak logo doesn't inspire confidence. Without a good logo design, you risk looking less credible, perhaps even "fly by night." It's tough to build a business with a less than credible image. Attract New Clients Properly designed logos reach deep into the human psyche and send powerful messages. When you have a great logo, your designer should use colors, typefaces and shapes that attract those you most desire to work with. Your logo should speak to your potential clients and in a flash convey a message of your business. Fabulous logo designs have been at the center of many companies success. So much so that large companies spend a great deal of time and money protecting their logos - they even have entire departments dedicated to just this! Trust, Credibility, Loyalty and Professionalism When you attract top-notch clients with a professionally designed logo, you not only increase your business' sales and success, you build relationships. Trust is an important factor in not just attracting, but keeping, those fantastic, loyal customers. You likely achieve this with great service. But what happens if a shiny new competitor moves in with well-groomed employees, a professional image, and promises of matched service? If your image isn't quite as polished, you run the risk of your clients trying them out. As Ron Burgundy would say "You stay classy!" Keep a professional image, attract and keep your clients. When choosing a professional to design your logo, make sure they understand your deepest desires in your business. A skilled professional will know what to do with your information to ensure your logo is effective. And by all means, pick someone you "click" with. Getting a great logo should be fun and exciting!

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