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TJO Bees Logo & Packaging

TJO Bees

Bee farmers Grady and Tina came to Studio North with a goal of sweetening up their outdated, TJO Bee raw & unfiltered honey brand. They wanted to modernize and simplify their liquid gold's logo and packaging for improved sales on


We designed a clean and simple logo and paired it with Tina's original, freehanded, honeybee illustration to achieve a homespun feel. Their glass jars feature metal lids, black and white labels, and are packaged in a box with earth-friendly and compostable mycelium (mushroom) end caps to protect it during shipment.


The husband and wife team was thrilled with their new, fresh-from-the-farm look! A major increase in sales confirmed an environmentally friendly, sustainable look was just what they needed to reach their goals. But you don't have to take our word for it, just ask them.

Grady and Tina

Hi Sommer!


Hope everything is going well. Just wanted to let you know that our Amazon sales have been great since we launched the new label. I think our sales are up approximately 100% year over year. Something about that new look that people really love. 


Thanks again for your help on this project!"

– Tina and Grady, TJO Bees Owners

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