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Current employment opportunities:

VP of Misc. Stuff:
Administrative Assistant with Graphic Design and/or Communications Experience

Aka: Chief Coffee Orderer, Ambassador of Buzz, Arts and Crafts Designer, Indentured Rockstar, Connoisseur of Pantone, Comic Sans Annihilator, Director of Kerning, Chief Imagination Interpreter, Head of Quietly Judging, Grammar Fascist, Oxford Comma Destroyer, Aspiring Novelist, Connoisseur of Using # IRL, Lead “No-One-Understands-What-I-Do,” Office Ninja, Captain Underappreciated, Toilet Paper Messiah, Lead Enabler, Director of First Impressions and Manager of Codependence.

Things you might actually do:
  • Assist with administrative duties as necessary: Answering the tele, returning calls, assisting with light book work (including invoicing customers), fetching coffee, grabbing the mail, running errands (can you pick the dog up at the groomer?) and other cool stuff you get to call “work” aaaannd other not-so-cool stuff, like changing the empty TP roll, calling clients for payments and assisting in tradeshow setup.

  • Assist in meaningful stuff like creating designs & illustrations for printed materials for Northland Concrete & Excavation, Inc. and Studio North and its client’s. Materials may include; newsletters, flyers, brochures, business cards, etc.

  • Create and maintain content on websites and social media accounts, including; writing original posts and creating original content that optimizes engagement; daily posts to all social sites; and tracking & reporting of social media measurements.

  • Monitor online competitor presence/perceptions, research new social media trends, platforms, etc.

  • Monitor web analytics using Google Analytics and provide reports on a weekly basis

  • Participate in team meetings and work as a team-player between two companies. This means shifting gears and rollin’ with the punches at times.

  • Have stellar time-management skills.

  • Be detail-oriented, organized, meticulous and have the ability to prioritize.

  • Easily deal with changes in creative direction and be willing to execute concepts and ideas.

Things you actually have to know:
  • All Adobe Creative Suite programs: InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator and other tools

  • Principles and aesthetic design concepts

  • Google Analytics

  • Microsoft Word and Excel

  • Microsoft Outlook and be internet savvy

  • Website Development (HTML coding helpful)

  • E-commerce & marketing strategies

Other stuff we like:
  • Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Web Development, Graphic Design, Communications, or related academic is preferred but not required

  • Experience in customer service, communications, website management, online marketing preferred

  • Positive, creative, outgoing, cheerful, team-oriented attitude; quick learner, problem-solver and all around cool dude or dudette

  • Openness and/or tolerance of innovated business concepts (Do we HAVE to work off-site on the pontoon again? Is Mercury in Retrograde still?) and the occasional swearing

  • Ability to handle multi-faceted projects with strong follow through

  • Able to work independently, as well as collaboratively

  • Commitment to quality, motivated, self-starter and takes ownership of work

  • Strong verbal and written communications skills

  • Ability to deal with deadlines, while maintaining high degree of professionalism


How to apply:

Send resume to Stephanie, at If you make the cut, she’ll give you further instructions.

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